• What to make with our milk?

    What to make with our milk?

    As Dairy Farmers we’re always talking about the price of milk (or lack of it!) and conversation for many years around our kitchen table was the dream of doing SOMETHING – but what?

    Ice-Cream has always been a hit here (just ask my Mother!) and family holidays usually centre around food and especially Ice-Cream. Back when our Big Man was only a toddler trips were made to among other places, Roskilly’s in Cornwall and it was probably there the first seed was planted for this idea.

    Fast forward to 2017 and the idea started gaining momentum – especially after another holiday in Cornwall. Trips to Roskilly’s and Callestick gave us the belief this was something we could do. The Little Man was also keen to live in his very own Ice-Cream factory with a constant supply of Bubblegum Ice-Cream! We started making plans …………… how on earth to start.

    Firstly we bought a little ice-cream maker and started playing with recipes. The first guinea pigs were the Executive Committee of the North Pembrokeshire Grassland Society who came here for supper in November. One of the diners still goes on about the ice-cream to our delight!

    Unbeknown to me a very dear friend (you know who you are!) had been chatting to a lovely eating establishment and had mentioned our Ice-Cream to them. This led to a visit from me with a cool bag and samples which seemed to go down well and plans have been put in motion (more on that at a later date).

    Meanwhile we spoke to our milk buyer to see if they had any objections to our idea. They were extremely supportive and encouraging. With their blessing we attended a ‘Start up’ day at the Food Centre Wales in Horeb.

    Since then the Ice-Cream has taken on a life of its own and is snowballing. We’ve been making Ice-Cream up in Horeb under the watchful eye of Gerallt, been taken under the wing of the lovely girls at Cywain who help with marketing etc, attended courses and met some amazing people on the way.

    Richard Cotton has made us an incredible logo which we are delighted with. Lots of family, friends and guests have been sampling the Ice-Cream and giving us feedback and quite a few local places have shown an interest in stocking our Ice-Cream.

    We are now just waiting to be given the go-ahead by the Council to make our Ice-Cream and then we’ll be good to go! We thank everyone for their incredible support and good wishes on this very exciting journey. Watch this space xxx