• Ophelia!

    The warnings were there and here we are on the morning Ophelia is to descend on us. A very strange morning – it’s really warm outside – the car reliably tells me that at 7.53am – after taking kids to catch the school bus – it’s 18’C outside! There is also a very strange light and a very eerie feeling. Kenny and I give the pets their morning feed, let the hens out and clean out Roo’s stable (her Mum is home today after a weeks holiday with Josh). I retreat to the house and leave Kenny to chase his mother Fly around in the wind.

    The wind picks up rapidly all morning and at midday Hubby calls to let me know that the kids are being sent home from school at 1pm – so off I set to pick them up, dodging branches etc. The car nicely rocks about whilst waiting for the bus. I thought I’d see happy faces at this unexpected afternoon off – but big man has his ‘whatever’ face on and little man is actually annoyed that he’s missing his favourite lesson, IT AND he didn’t get to make his Cheese and Chive bread in Tech – there’s no pleasing some people!

    Hubby’s had to park a silage trailer in front of the dogs’ shed as – in his words – if anything goes it will be that! I contemplate moving the dogs into the house for shelter and quickly dismiss this as the damage Ophelia could cause was nothing compared to the damage Fly and three cats would cause in the house! They’ll just have to take their chance in their shed.

    I’m meant to be on a First Aid course this evening at St Davids RFC, but with the weather getting more and more dangerous – Newgale is now closed – the course is cancelled. At least now I can watch the final episode of ‘Liar’ – every cloud!

    Hubby, though is going out. Football training is being resumed this evening and nothing – not even Ophelia – is going to stop them.

    At 9pm – with the big man in the teenage cave and little man sent to bed – amongst protests – ‘There won’t be school tomorrow’ – there will be – ‘Why can’t I watch this?’ – it’s not appropriate, and Hubby at football I sit down with my crochet ready for ‘Liar’. Ioan – noooo!!! Can’t believe he does evil so well!!!

    So it’s the morning after the day before and all seems calm. It’s colder and it’s a nice morning and apart from lots of extra leaves and small branches we seem to have escaped well compared to some. I still have six hens (though they haven’t laid one egg between them) and the pigs, goats and horses look none the worse for wear.