• Impromptu Family Night Out!

    Last night at about 9pm the phone rings – on answering- we hear the words that farmers dread – ‘Hello, I’ve been given your number as I believe you have cattle near St Davids and one is on the road’ Aarrgghh! It’s a good 7 miles away via back roads!

    Lots of shouting at the kids ensues – move now! Lots of protests from our little man ‘I’ve just had a shower (needed one – been rugby training) and I’m in my pyjamas!’ Tough – move! ‘I’m in the middle of a game!’ (Roblox or such like – remotely playing against a new found friend from secondary school) – Tough – move NOW! – ‘I’m going to Grannie’s!’ – TOUGH – SHE’S NOT THERE – MOVE!!!!

    Whilst it usually takes copious amounts of shouting, threats and bribery to get our big man to emerge from the teenage cave – the words ‘Cattle Out – Need to go now ‘  and he turns into Usain Bolt – the X-Box controller gets flung, he sprints across the landing and flies down the stairs and is in the pick-up with his cap and wellies on before I’ve finished arguing with the little man, who now insists we go in the car as the pick-up is like a skip on wheels! No chance!

    Meanwhile hubby has turned into Lewis Hamilton and has the pick-up raring to go. We set off at speed – with protests from the little man ‘Slow down Daddy’ and ‘I wish I’d brought my phone with me’.  Two minutes later (to be fair it was probably longer in reality) we meet a very nice lady who points out to hubby where the heifer was last seen – she’s looking very relaxed about it – on the other hand we know if the heifer is out then she has quite a few friends with her and if they’ve all got out – we’ve got problems!

    We find her and slowly manoeuvre her back up the road. Hubby and our big man go on foot whilst I grapple with the skip on wheels – with a still moaning little man in the back ‘I’m cold’ and ‘I’m tired’!

    Lots of running around with torch lights by hubby and big man (ouch -that hip and knee will suffer tomorrow I note – hubby!). A check of all fields – reveal thankfully – it looks like it was just the one. How and why she got out is a mystery – but we put her safe for tonight and will come back in the morning to sort things out properly.

    We head back to the farm at a more sedate pace. On return the big man retreats to the teenage cave not to be seen or heard from again until the morning. The little man stomps up to his room moaning that he’s missed reading time and he’s missing sleep etc! Hubby resumes his position on the sofa – Farmers Weekly open on his lap – eyes shut and mouth open – oh well might as well wash up then!!!