• Friday the 13th!!

    So, hubby and I along with puppy Kenny head back down to see if all is ok after last nights escapade! We get about 3 miles down the road before the phone starts ringing to notify us that there is a cow in someone’s garden – Great! Hubby puts his foot down a little harder and Kenny adopts the ‘brace yourself’ position.

    It’s wet, it’s miserable and we have to find the Houdini of the cow world. Kenny and I wait patiently while hubby goes on the hunt.

    He finds her and insists I have to get out and stop her going up the road – really? – I only came to take photos!

    Anyway, up she comes and we get her back to her friends. A good wonder around the field shows no signs of how she got out – so this may continue. Friday the 13th says it all!!!