Children Area, Pets and the Playground

We have two children’s play areas and a pet area with two Pygmy-cross Goats, Gertie and Doug; three horses, Selwyn, Dinky & Roo (who belongs to our neighbour); six chickens, one rabbit and finally two lovely Kune-Kune pigs, Pinky and Perky.

We have four dogs, Sweep our spaniel, Sid our Collie, Fly a bit of all sorts and Kenny (along with six siblings who were completely unexpected in April 2017) a half half of Sid and Fly.

The pets are turned out and fed at around 8.00am daily. Guests are more than welcome to come and watch and/or help out wherever possible.

Please note that during the winter months we have to keep the animals in a shed on the farm so if you would like to see them please make sure you bring appropriate footwear with you!