• Ophelia!

    The warnings were there and here we are on the morning Ophelia is to descend on us. A very strange morning – it’s really warm outside – the car reliably tells me that at 7.53am – after taking kids to catch the school bus – it’s 18’C outside! There is also a very strange light […]

  • Friday the 13th!!

    So, hubby and I along with puppy Kenny head back down to see if all is ok after last nights escapade! We get about 3 miles down the road before the phone starts ringing to notify us that there is a cow in someone’s garden – Great! Hubby puts his foot down a little harder […]

  • Impromptu Family Night Out!

    Last night at about 9pm the phone rings – on answering- we hear the words that farmers dread – ‘Hello, I’ve been given your number as I believe you have cattle near St Davids and one is on the road’ Aarrgghh! It’s a good 7 miles away via back roads! Lots of shouting at the […]